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Welcome to the Library!

At Pierce, we are thrilled to be your gateway to a world of imagination, knowledge and exploration. With a wide range of books, vibrant reading spaces and life-changing resources, our staffers strive to inspire a lifelong love for reading and learning in every student. Whether you're diving into an exciting adventure, uncovering fascinating facts or simply curling up with a cozy picture book, we are here to nurture your curiosity and guide you on your educational journey.

So come on in, embark on your literary adventures, and let the magic of books transport you to new worlds of wonder!


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Birmingham Library Program: Mission Statement

To work collaboratively with classroom teachers and administrators to provide the resources and instruction for students and staff so that they will: (1) Expand their reading interests and abilities, (2) Become effective researchers, (3) Use inquiry and technology meaningfully, (4), Enhance critical thinking (5) and Gain and create new knowledge.

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