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Library Policies

Who comes to the library and how often? 

Kindergarten to second-grade students attend the library for a lesson and book checkout every four school days. Third and fourth graders have their lesson and book checkout once a week, while fifth graders utilize the library as per their requirements.

How many books does my child get to check out?

Kindergarteners and first graders have the option to borrow a maximum of two books simultaneously. In the event of a class project that necessitates a book for research purposes, an additional book may be borrowed.

Students in second through fifth grade are permitted to borrow up to three books at a time. In the case of a class project requiring a book for research, an extra book can be borrowed.

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When do books need to be returned?

The due date for all books is two weeks from the date of checkout. If a student wishes to extend their borrowing period, they can bring the book to the library for renewal.

When is a book overdue?

When a book is borrowed for a period exceeding two weeks, it is considered overdue. If a book remains overdue for 90 days, it will be classified as lost and will require payment. However, if the book has already been paid for and is subsequently found within 90 days, a refund will be issued.

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