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ALICE (alert, lockdown, inform, counter & evacuate), the leading organization in the country when it comes to preparing individuals for violent intruder situations, offers proactive strategies that are tailored to different age groups and abilities.

The ALICE program empowers individuals and groups by providing them with informed choices in case of a violent intruder event. The ALICE Training approach combines eLearning modules with hands-on training conducted by ALICE Certified Instructors, ensuring long-term learning retention. Staff members from BPS have completed 45-55 minutes of eLearning focused on alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate modules. This was followed by a comprehensive two-day training conducted for liaisons from each building.

To further enhance our understanding of the program, professional development involves an all-staff meeting held in person with representatives from the Birmingham Police Department. This continuous effort ensures that ALICE becomes an integral part of our safety procedures within the district and is not just a one-time course.

This ongoing commitment to professional development guarantees that we stay up-to-date with the latest practices and procedures outlined by ALICE Training. By embracing this approach as a living and breathing component of our safety protocols, we can effectively protect everyone within our district during potentially dangerous situations.

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